Lowongan Kerja Indonesia: Social Mapping and Development Specialist

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Lowongan Kerja Indonesia: Social Mapping And Development Specialist GGGI Terbaru di Jakarta Juli 2019

Info Loker Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Social Mapping And Development Specialist GGGI Info Terbaru Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Social Mapping and Development Specialist Jakarta Juli 2019 di GGGI. Salam Sukses buat sobat yang sedang mencari pekerjaan. Semoga tidak path arang untuk mencari pekerjaan yang pas dengan kualifikasi Anda. Memang seringkali mencari pekerjaan yang sesuai sangatlah tidak mudah di tahun 2019 ini. Pada kesempatan ini admin akan memberikan info Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Social Mapping and Development Specialist Jakarta Juli 2019 di GGGI. Berikut ini informasi lebih lengkap mengenai Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Social Mapping and Development Specialist Jakarta Juli 2019 GGGI.

Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Social Mapping and Development Specialist Jakarta Juli 2019 GGGI

Berikut ini adalah persyaratan yang harus Anda penuhi untuk mendaftar Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Social Mapping and Development Specialist Jakarta Juli 2019 GGGI yang dibuka pada bulan Juli 2019 ini:

Specialist will support Baseline Study of Sungai Manggar Watershed in Bongan, East Kalimantan

The objective of this project is to provide a collaborative baseline study to inform regional and national stakeholder on the design of a PES scheme and/or other suitable economic instrument for the watershed area in Bongan. The Global Green Growth Institute () seeks to hire two individual consultants (IC) who possesses expertise in undertaking environmental, economic and social feasibility studies related to payment for environmental system services. Under the guidance of the Indonesia team, and in consultation with central and regional government stakeholders in East Kalimantan, the consultants will conduct a collaborative baseline study covering the water reservoir and its watershed in the Sungai Manggar area. The study will carry out a thorough analysis on environmental, technical, social-economic and institutional aspects to provide an integrated viewpoint about the current state of affairs.

will engage a qualified Social Mapping and Development Specialist (hereafter referred to as “the Consultant”) to undertake the social mapping of legal and customary access to land, water, and other natural resources in the Sungai Manggar area. Specifically, the Consultant will cover the following outputs under the collaborative baseline study:

  • A detailed stakeholder mapping exercise which identifies the roles and functions of all stakeholders as either users/beneficiaries and/or providers of ecosystem services (ES)
  • Mapping of current processes, practices and operations undertaken by different stakeholders in the area that affects the water quality, quantity or flow
  • A preliminary high-level economic valuation of ES and the functions of all stakeholders in the area
  • Scope of Work

    The individual consultant will lead the primary data/information collection, research, and engagement with stakeholders for the assessment by undertaking and covering the following tasks and issues:

  • Review existing key planning documents and studies related to the development of water supply and water security issues in Balikpapan and FMU Bongan areas – for e.g., but not limited to, RTRW, RPHJP, masterplan of FMU Bongan
  • Engage with the communities in the watershed area to qualitatively determine their impact on the water quality, quantity and flow in the reservoir. Document all relevant activities, traditional practices and agricultural or other land-use plans (if any) of the communities in the watershed area
  • Develop an appropriate survey instrument (e.g. a qualitative questionnaire) and undertake a survey to produce detailed stakeholder mapping in the region to determine the respective roles in either using or safeguarding the ecosystem services
  • Provide an analysis on different stakeholders and their current usage of watershed area that has (or may have) resulted in change in water quality, quantity or flow in the area positively or negatively
  • Conduct a high-level assessment of economic values of Ecosystem Services relevant foe the PES Development such as values of ecosystem services that exist in the watershed, cost for maintaining and improving the water quantity and quality and their related activities, i.e. cost for controlling soil erosion on the upstream and riparian areas, providing and maintaining pumps and aerators to maintain/improve the water quality in the reservoir (running cost, manpower, electricity usage, etc)
  • Carry out an institutional analysis to understand the budget and funds flow between national/regional government to FMU, PDAM – aligned to the final recommendations on roles and responsibilities for these stakeholders under a potential PES scheme in the watershed
  • Provide an analysis of the water-related activities of stakeholders in terms of upstream and downstream activities
  • Analysis the potential conflicts that may occur and the conflict resolution related to PES
  • Analysis the capacity development issues and recommendation for the PES Development
  • Provide spatial analysis to identify the geographical areas of concern (priority areas) in terms of highest impact to the watershed (like pollution, ecological damage, deforestation, etc.) in Sungai Manggar and the area managed by PDAM, related to potential social and economic impact
  • Provide recommendations and alternative scenarios (to existing BAU) to improve the water management in Sungai Manggar
  • Related to above, analyze and recommend roles and functions for different stakeholders in the overall scheme. This must include the PDAM, FMU and communities, but may also include the local NGOs, provincial government and others.
  • Review and analysis as mentioned above are conducted based on the secondary and/or primary data information and/or relevant stakeholder consultation

    Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables

    Baseline Study (technical report, survey for stakeholder mapping and model/spreadsheets supporting the study)

  • Completion of a brief inception report detailing the agreed content and scope of the study
  • Completion of 2 (two) drafts on the technical report (first draft, near final draft and final report)
  • Facilitate and be the resource person in maximum of 3 Workshops/FGDs (with up to maximum of 25 participants) in Jakarta and Balikpapan to collect data and validate results with stakeholders.
  • Summary reports of the FGDs/Workshops.
  • Producing material to support policy engagement and data collection process (presentation material, concept notes, minutes of meetings etc.)
  • Other material to be agreed upon presentation of initial workplan
  • All reports must be in English, in accordance with ’s formatting requirements, and submitted in soft and hard copies and compact disc formats along with complete sets of raw data, financial model, research materials, and interview notes.

    Time Table and Reporting Arrangements

    This project is expected to start by 15 July and to be completed by 30 December 2019 with a tentative timetable for completing the technical eCBA study as follows:






  • Inception report, agreement on outline, content and TORs of the study
  • FGD in Balikpapan to socialize TORs and content of study
  • Within 4 weeks after contract signed



  • Carry out field survey
  • Survey Report
  • Within 12 weeks after contract signed



  • First draft technical report
  • Workshop/FGD in Balikpapan
  • Within 16 weeks after contract signed

  • Near final draft technical report
  • Workshop/FGD to socialize results
  • Within 20 weeks after contract signed



  • Final technical report completed
  • Within 22 weeks after contract signed


    Reporting Arrangements

    will conduct periodic reviews, at least 2 times during the Term of Engagement. The individual consultant is expected to produce, upon ’s request, a formal progress report for ’s management committee that includes: an overview of the project, a narrative description of project activities, detailed information on project objectives and milestones, and actual achievements made against the timeline initially set

    Suggested Methodology

  • Survey questionnaire
  • High-level economic valuation of the ecosystem services and water resources in Sungai Manggar area
  • Qualitative methods; focus group discussion (FGDs) with key national and sub-national stakeholders to obtain inputs, validate data and findings of the study
  • Applicable Tax

    Value Added Tax clarification

    Individual consultant without Indonesian tax ID: In accordance to Directorate General Taxation number SE-145/PJ/2010 VAT is applicable on foreign services rendered by international entities not registered in Indonesia are subject to 10% VAT.

    Withholding tax on foreign services rendered / withholding tax Art. 26

    Payments of royalties, interest and service fees by a resident taxpayer to a non-resident taxpayer are subject to 20% withholding tax Art 26. However, if the payment is made to a resident of a country with which Indonesia has signed a tax treaty, the withholding (WHT) may be reduced or exempted. Non resident tax payer should get the DGT1 form certified by their country of residence tax authority to be exempted from WHT. Please visit the following sites to download the DGT 1 form. (http://www.pajak.go.id/content/formulir/10198/form-dgt-1)

    Withholding tax on local purchase of goods and services

    Payments of certain types of income paid to resident taxpayers are subject to withholding Art. 23 at a rate of 15% (for dividend, interest, royalties) and 2% (rental of asset, other than land and building [which is subject to final tax Art. 4(2)] and services such as technical, management, consulting services, etc

    The Consultant may be required to produce additional outputs, such as PowerPoint presentations, as reasonably deemed necessary by .

    Payment will be based on approval by of the deliverables, not on the number of days worked.


    expects that the works shall be done by a senior environment/hydrology expert. Th work is expected to require a maximum of 35 part-time days. The team should at the minimum include expertise in policy analysis, survey and overall narrative of the technical report.

    Expected Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Environmental Management, Development Studies, Environmental Engineering or related fields
  • At least ten years of experience environmental research in Indonesia, particularly on water management/hydrological issues
  • Proven track-record experience of working with private sector, donor agencies and Indonesian government officials in relevant line ministries and agencies
  • Familiarity with Indonesia government structure and systems at national and subnational level
  • Working knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia and proven ability to write clearly and well in English
  • In-depth knowledge of issues related to national and international environmental safeguards standards, legal requirements, and environmental sustainability in Indonesia.
  • Child protection – is committed to child protection, irrespective of whether any specific area of work involves direct contact with children. ’s Child Protection Policy is written in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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    End Job Description


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